About Us

Spa Hati Receptionist

Welcome to Spa Hati and Thank you for visiting us, your pleasure benefits others.

Spa Hati is a Non-Profit Healing Spa in Ubud, Bali which is to support the vision and mission of Bali Hati Foundation (Yayasan Bali Hati) and also supporting The Balinese Community since 1999.

Spa Hati: Funding Educational and Health Projects

Spa Hati operates as a commercial enterprise within Bali Hati Foundation to generate income for its programs. By taking our treatments at Spa Hati you are helping Bali Hati Foundation to fulfill its mission:

To improve the quality of life of the island’s people by providing educational opportunities and employment-related and life-skill courses; by improving public health through community-based health programs; by raising awareness of prevailing social, economic and health issues; and by heightening community participation in the alleviation and prevention of both short and long-term problems.

Bali Hati at a Glance

Bali Hati FoundationYayasan Bali HatiBali Hati is a non-profit foundation established in February 1997 to promote the education and social welfare of the people of Bali. “Hati” means “heart” and our name suggests that the heart, the beauty of Bali is its people.

Bali Hati projects are varied, but all programs are designed to enable young Indonesian men and women to realize their individual and social potential.

The underlying intent is to create an environment where love and concern, combined with educational and social initiatives, can achieve not only the spiritual and intellectual growth of individuals but, ultimately, also bring about fundamental changes in the economic and social life of Balinese villagers.

The mission of the Bali Hati Foundation is to provide services that will, in the long term, improve the lives of needy Balinese children and adults.

Bali Hati places special emphasis on education and health. For more information about Bali Hati Foundation, please visit www.balihati.org