Spa Treatments

Spa Hati offers a complete range of body treatments for stress reduction and restoring health and beauty, and is a total retreat in the name of wellbeing. Superior body treatments in a serene environment. A team of centered and well-trained therapists is dedicated to delivering a sense of wellness and genuine relaxation.

Body Massage

Signature Massage
A luxurious message that follows the contours of your body with soothing and gentle rhythmic strokes.

  • Single Massage, 60 Minute, IDR 250.000
  • Lavish Me, 90 Minute, IDR 300.000
  • Double Delight Massage, 60 Minute, IDR 350.000

Massage On The Spot
The perfect remedy for those on the go relaxes in our tropical garden with a choice of 30-minute massage that will leave you revitalized and ready for more.

  • Foot and Neck Massage, 30 Minute, IDR 130.000
  • Indian Head Massage, 30 Minute, IDR 130.000
  • Face Massage, 30 Minute, IDR 130.000
  • Foot Massage, 30 Minute, IDR 130.000

Beauty Treatment

Experience the delicate of face and neck treatments are individually tailored and include cleansing, massaging, exfoliation, a luxury mask, toning and moisturizing.

Available for: Normal and Combine Skin, Oily and Sensitive Skin, and Anti-Aging.
60 Minute, IDR 250.000

Amazing Manicure and Pedicure

Leaving your hands or feet feeling fresh and new, and the gentle touch and care of our therapist will complete your treatment.

  • Manicure, 60 Minute, IDR 200.000
  • Pedicure, 60 Minute, IDR 250.000
  • Relaxing Foot Scrub, 60 Minute, IDR 300.000

Choice of Body Scrub

Oat Meal and Coconut Scrub
Dealing with the dry skin with our special oatmeal and coconut scrub which is rich in Vitamins E that will make your skin fell so soft and moisture.

  • For dry skin, IDR 150.000

Balinese Herbal Scrub
The warmth of herbal ingredients which is naturally will make your skin fresh and warm, it will also moisturize your skin after a day of activities.

  • All skin type, IDR 150.000

Refreshing Coffee Scrub
An attractive smell of coffee will complete your treatment option for your glowing skin.

  • Good for anti-cellulite, normal skin, and combine skin, IDR 150.000

Traditional Lulur Scrub
Indonesian traditional recipe that has been believed hundreds of years to beautify and soften the skin.

  • For normal and oily skin, IDR 150.000

Choice of Body Wrap

Boreh Body Wrap
Balinese traditional wrap that will be warming your body and moisturize your skin.

  • Good for all skin type, IDR 200.000

Coffee and White Egg Body Wrap
Enjoy the sensational aroma off coffee and egg white good for tightening the skin, antioxidant and anti-cellulite.

  • Good for all skin type, IDR 200.000

Honey Milk Body Wrap
A combination of milk and honey are very beneficial for the skin moisture and maintaining skin rejuvenation and the combine with rice which contains carbohydrates will make the skin feels moisture, soft and smooth.

  • Good for Normal and Combine Skin, IDR 200.000

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